Advertising with Greener Grass

Greener Grass Publishing is always looking for advertisers to be a part of its publishing projects. The cost of high-quality color printing is steep, and it would not be possible to produce the books that we do without the support of our advertisers.

If you are a company interested in advertising with us, please get in touch. Click here to go to our contact form. We can fill you in on our current and future projects, get you on our e-mail list for all future advertising opportunities, and discuss how we can establish a mutually beneficial relationship. We look forward to working with you!

Why Guidebook Advertising is so Great:
Guidebook advertising is a great medium for reaching out to potential clients for a variety of reasons.

  • First, it’s extremely well targeted. People reading or looking at our guidebooks are more often than not actually performing that specific activity at that exact moment. Not only that, but guidebooks are necessary media. For instance, do you really need a climbing magazine in order to, say, go bouldering at Horse Pens 40? No. Do you need a guidebook to Horse Pens 40 to go bouldering at Horse Pens 40? Yes, of course. So, if you are a retailer selling bouldering pads in the southeastern US, which choice do you think will be better targeted?
  • Second, it’s a durable product. Unlike periodicals, guidebooks have an extremely long shelf life. People don’t peruse them for 15 minutes and throw them away. Instead, they pore over them multiple times, and when they are done, the book goes onto the coffee table for others to see, or onto the bookshelf to be used again next year when they visit the same area, and again the year after that.
  • Third, guidebooks are usually viewed by more than one person. Everyone on the team for the day wants to know what is on the agenda and what to expect, so most likely everyone will be looking at the guidebook. And next week, the team is likely to be a little different, and a whole different group of people will check out whats going on. Not only that, but our books are designed to be so visually pleasing that they don’t get tucked away as bathroom reading material before being recycled, instead they live on people’s coffee tables, where they are shown off to friends.
  • Fourth, we don’t lie about our distribution numbers. You will not be paying a premium to advertise in a product where up to one third of the quoted distribution numbers are being given away for free to be used as toilet paper or fire starter, or even worse, just thrown in the recycle bin. We print exactly how many copies we say we do, and every one of those copies is sold to a paying customer.
  • Fifth, you don’t have to pay extra for priority positioning. Want to be next to the table of contents? OK, sounds good, same price. How about right in the front of the book? Same price. All of our ads are positioned either within the introduction to the book, or next to the specific content that you would like it next to. 
  • Lastly, and most importantly, IT’S REALLY CHEAP! Compare our rates to any other print advertising and it is obvious where you will be getting the best value for your money. 

Thank you for your interest in Greener Grass Publishing, we hope to hear from you soon!