14 Jan 2010

Horse Pens 40 Bouldering

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HORSE PENS 40 Bouldering
Including the boulderfields of Moss Rock Preserve and Palisades Park
by Adam Henry 


Horse Pens 40 is quickly gaining recognition the world over as having some of the most challenging and unique sloper climbing to be found. It is also one of the premier winter bouldering destinations in North America. Situated on a mountain top in the northeast corner of Alabama, HP40 is a privately owned park and preserve owned by the very climber-friendly Schultz family. They live on the land and go out of their way to provide visitors with the ultimate Southern hospitality and bouldering experience. With ample camping, cabin rentals, showers, a camp store, and a restaurant located within about 30 seconds walk of the boulderfield, HP40 might be the most convenient bouldering destination you’ll ever visit. It might also be one of the best moderate bouldering areas in the country, with hundreds of high-quality problems for the V5 and under boulderer. It also hosts a couple of competitions each winter which draw climbers from across the country and abroad, including the second leg of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series. 

For the first time ever, HP40 now has a complete and accurate guidebook to help climbers interpret this incredible area! Local climber and boulderer Adam Henry, who was amongst the first people to discover HP40 for its bouldering wealth, and who along with many others developed the vast majority of problems in the park, shares his intimate knowledge of the problems, the park, and its history in this comprehensive guidebook. Complete with tons of arial topo maps, color boulder photos, detailed descriptions of every problem and area, and peppered throughout with the pointy southern wit of its author, Horse Pens 40 Bouldering is the must have for longtime locals and first time visitors alike, and easily puts the black and white, hard to interpret pamphlets in their place. The book is also filled with the inspiring color action photography of Jeff Wales, Andrew Kornylak, Dan Lubbers, Stephan Denys, Chris Luker, Dan Brayack, John Barr, Cooper Roberts, Jamie Emerson, and many others.

Horse Pens 40 is not the only bouldering area featured in this guidebook. Also included are the Birmingham local spot Moss Rock Preserve, as well as the bouldering of Palisades Park. Moss Rock Preserve is a small and condensed boulderfield which is never-the-less home to a couple hundred high quality boulder problems. Featuring tall boulders with absolutely bullet hard stone, Moss Rock Preserve is a great resource for Birmingham locals or traveling climbers passing through the area. It is your typical local area – full of eliminates and variations, which Adam has gone painstaking lengths to describe. It is also home to myriads of classics of all grades, and plays host to an annual outdoor climbing competition. Palisades Park is a small cliff with boulders littering the hillside below it, located about 20 minutes from HP40 in the northern part of the state. While not a destination area, it offers a nice change in mood and scenery from HP40, and has numerous hard problems and eliminates for the local or visitor to sample. 

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Book details:
Horse Pens 40 Bouldering
Including the boulderfields of Moss Rock Preserve and Palisades Park
by Adam Henry
ISBN: 978-1-61658-810-6
Price: $24.95
184 Pages, Full Color

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